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Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks, also called cement block, and foundation block are made from fine aggregation and cement. These blocks have high compress strength, water resistance, sound and thermal insulation. Concrete Blocks are suitable for tropical countries or coastal areas with a lot of rains and storms. Concrete Blocks are environmental friendly materials.

Block R90

Concrete Block - Block R90
Size: 190 x 90 x 135 (mm)

Block R100

Concrete Block - Block R100
Size: 390 x 100 x 190 (mm)

Block R150

Concrete Block - Block R150
Size: 390 x 150 x 190 (mm)

Block R190

Concrete Block - Block R190
Size: 390 x 190 x 190 (mm)

Solid Block D100

Concrete Block - Solid Block D100
Size: 390 x 100 x 190 (mm)

Solid Block T65

Concrete Block - Solid Block T65
Size: 200 x 100 x 65 (mm)